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Jordanian TV Stations

Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
Includes information about Jordan public television and radio stations.

Smart Way Television Jordan
Jordanian educational television channel.

SmartsWay - The Success Channel
Specialized Jordanian satellite channel aims through its mission to convey the productive advancement and positive thought for the viewer.

Aviation Satellite Channel Jordan

International satellite channel specializing in aviation industry broadcasting aviation programs, news, events and promotional advertisements related to Aviation industry.

Shabab News Jordan
News program on Jordanian television station dedicated for kids between 11 and 15 years old in order to be informed about what's happening in their world.

Nourmina Satellite Channel Jordan
Jordanian Arabic channel focusing on entertainment and social sector in all the Arab countries, Africa and parts of Europe.

Aramram Web TV, Jordan
Arab web TV channel from Jordan, acts as an alternative platform for locally generated youth oriented content.